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Top 8 amazing natural remedies for trigger finger

Author Bio: Jelly Jeff is a nurse. She studied for a long time in Denmark and Singapore. She keens to write health tips and nutrition knowledge. She has been a freelancer for a couple of year and a contributor for many health websites like Authority Remedies, Lifehack or Instructables.

Trigger finger is a condition characterized by snapping or locking of finger tendon’s sheath, may accompany with pain and any functional disturbance. It impedes fingers flexing or extending. Its signs and symptoms include swollen, tenderness or pain, clicking sensation, and stiffness of fingers. The high risk for trigger finger are the elderly, those who suffer from diabetes, gout or rheumatoid arthritis and even people whose work requires hard- long time using their hands. If you suspect this problem, you can apply the top home remedies for trigger finger

1. Finger relaxation
Let the affected finger relax is the best home remedy for trigger finger. The painful and swelling finger should be rested for 3- 4 weeks or until its symptoms reduce. If you can not rest it completely, otherwise you should break in a proper time during your working time. Avoiding activities that stretch the finger is also needed, these activities include lifting weights, folding jobs, typing works,... It helps reduce the problem cause improper finger using will aggravate the problem.

2. Supportted with a splint
Using a splint to help the affected finger relax and prevent folding it while you are sleeping. Other way, you can attach it with the normal one but remember not tie too tight because it will inhibit blood flow causing loss of sensation. Keep it for about 2 months or until you noticed any results.

3. Cold compress
Cold compress help decrease pain, redness and even swelling for the tendon. It has effect on the nerve ending of the fingers so it is effective with inflammation( if any). How to apply
· Palce some ice in a soft towel and fold it to make an ice bag.
· Apply this bag to the trigger finger 2- 3 times daily, 15 minutes per time.
· Repeat this remedy for a few weeks.

4. Lukewarm water soak
Soak the trigger fingers with lukewarm water is another effective home remedy that help relax, reduce pain and blood flow easier. Like cold compress, lukewarm water also help wound healing faster. How to apply
· Use a large bowl and fill it with lukawarm water.
· Dip your finger in and let it there for 10 minute, change the water if it cool down
· Repeat it 2-3 times daily for 2-3 weeks to get the good results.

5. Massage with oil
Massage the fingers with essential oil has great effects on reducing swelling and pain, rest the affected muscle. You can use many kinds of essential oils such as coconut oil, oregano oil or even fish oil which is rich in omega- 3 fatty. Coconut oil has many antioxidant ingredients and helpful for imflammatory treatment while oregano oil has effective effect to pain and imflammation. The benefits of mega- 3 fatty acid has been known for a long time, it enhances the healing processes, lubricate the stiff joints and fingers. How to apply
· Clean the fingers and dry it.
· Warm the essential oil by using a microwave.
· Apply the warm oil on the affected areas and massage it gently for a couple of minutes.
· Do this process 2 times daily for 2- 3 weeks.

6. Fresh aloe vera gel
Aloe vera is one of the traditional medicine that is used in many countries. It helps decrease the uncomfortable feeling or even the pain of the problem cause of its anti- inflammation influence. Moreover, the aloe vera’s vitamin and amino acid have great effects on storing skin moisture. How to apply
· Clean aloe vera leaf and extract the gel.
· Massage the finger with this fresh gel in 10 minute and repeat it 2 time daily.
· For better results, you can keep the fresh gel on the fridge for 10- 15 minutes before use it.
· In addition, you can use aloe vera supplements but remember to confirm with your doctor priorly.

7. Fresh ginger
The health benefits of ginger is well known all over the world with long history of using. The antioxidant and anti- inflammations effects help to treat many problems such as nausea, vomiting, reduce muscle pain and soreness, reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis, lower blood sugar in diabetes, decrease the risk of heart diseases and also cancer. So it is effective on dealing with trigger finger. How to apply
· Use some slices of fresh ginger to rub your finger gently until you feel more comfortable.
· Repear it daily for a few weeks.
· Otherwise, consume more ginger by add it in your daily meal.

8. Tumeric
Tumeric is rich in curcumin that gives us many amazing benefits, helps to fight other diseases. Many researches have shown that curcumin- the medicinal herbs has many advantages that are equal to other prescription medicines. Tumeric is useful like pain killer and anti- inflammation so it helps reduce trigger finger quickly. How to apply
· Mix tumeric powder with some water to make paste.
· Apply this paste to the finger and let it there for 10 minutes
· Repeat it 2 times every day until you feel better. 
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