Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Why Spiritual Health Equals Overall Wellness

The Spiritual health of a person depends more on his mental health, which in turn is related to the physical health and mental state at any given point of time in the life of the person concerned.

What creates Spiritual Health?

The spiritual needs of every person is different from others due to this combination of factors that cannot be the same for two persons. The spiritual health is the part of the person that determines the environment in his house and the family members with whom he is living with.

If a person wants to have a good handle over his spiritual health then he must turn his mind towards the religion and the divine guidance is the one he must look for to get himself the right direction in his life. The religious preferences, beliefs and way of seeing God as the sole source of everything in this World may change from person to person. But the most underlying fact in all these remains that the state of spiritual health he gets from these beliefs determines how religious a person is.

To add to this mental state a sense of well being he has to carefully select the right type of religious practices that help in instilling the spiritualism in his mind and life that gives the required guidance in his journey of life. Yet another way to get into an enhanced level of spiritual health is to cultivate the right beliefs and actions that add to the inner life of the person and those around him. He must be able to find the right beliefs and concepts for this life that do not contradict with the laws of the society in which he is living and those of the other persons with whom he is living.

As such the family and the society he is living with can have an influence on his spiritual health. Thus by learning to live in perfect harmony with those he loves also becomes a way to improve the spiritual health of a person.

The quality of the spiritual health of a person also depends more on the types of relationship he cultivates with these fellow human beings. This depends how well his mind adjusts to the common beliefs and actions of those whom he loves. Relationships are the ways of communicating with others in his immediate reach. Once he learns to have good relationships with them it will be possible to open the channel of communication with his Supreme Self that opens the gates of spiritualism of the highest order in his mind.

Watch this great video on how FORGIVENESS can improve Spiritual Health:

So, if you want to reach a higher degree of spiritual health you must make place for meditation and prayer, which are the real ways of communicating with oneself. By having the opportunity to hear what your inner Self is saying about your day-to-day life you are on the right path to achieve the level of spiritual health that will make your life worth living in every aspect of your life.

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