Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Doctors' Row During Emergency C-Section Caught On Camera, Baby Died

As a pregnant woman lay on the operation table for an emergency surgery, two doctors argued loudly, calling each other names and threatening each other. They kept fighting, the unconscious woman between them, as one staff member surreptitiously recorded them on the mobile.

When one of the doctors - the obstetrician - finally delivered the baby at a hospital in Rajasthan, it didn't survive.

The incident took place on Tuesday at the Umaid hospital in Jodhpur, the biggest in the city.

What is worse, the argument erupted between the doctors - Ashok Nainwal and ML Tak - during an emergency caesarean surgery scheduled because of the feeble heartbeat of the foetus. It appears to have started when Dr Nainwal, the obstetrician, questioned whether the patient had eaten before the operation. The anaesthetist, Dr Tak, reportedly tried to have a junior doctor carry out tests, which Dr Nainwal didn't agree with.

"You stay within your aukat (limits)," Dr Nainwal, in green scrubs and surgery gear, is seen shouting at the anaesthetist.

It quickly degenerated into shouting and name-calling, except the setting was not the street but an operation theatre, around a patient. A nurse and another doctor are seen trying to stop them and remind them that a surgery was on.

Dr Nainwal and Dr Tak have both been suspended.

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