Wednesday, September 20, 2017

5 absolutely weird hacks that actually help you lose weight

Okay, is there any trick, hack, or tip left in this world that you haven't tried to lose weight? Well, we don't blame you. When regular exercise and diet seem like an uphill climb--most people end up browsing the Internet for shortcuts. But, you must take note: there are no short cuts to weight loss. If you don't eat healthy and exercise regularly, you can kiss your weight loss goals goodbye. Although, there are a ton of things you can do to fasten the process.

Ladies, we bring to you some weird hacks that will help you lose weight. Interestingly, they have got nothing to do with your food habits or your gym routine. Intrigued? Well, here you go:

Smell Vanilla

Wait…what? Does this really work? Well, it turns out it does.

Believe it or not, but smelling vanilla-scented things will help in calming your sugar cravings. According to a report published in Popsugar Fitness, this sweet scent has a calming effect on the part of the brain, which controls cravings.

Moreover, as per a study conducted at St. George Hospital, London, "Researchers found that those who wore vanilla-scented patches lost more weight than those wearing no patch or a lemon patch. Researchers believed the sweet smell of vanilla helped appease the need for something sweet, and participants who smelled vanilla were less likely to overeat sweets."

Eat From Different-Coloured Plates

Turns out, the colour of your plates really matter. So, the next time you decide to take a big helping of pudding, a bowlful of mashed potatoes, and dessert too--make sure you eat these delicacies in different-coloured plates.

According to a study conducted at the Cornell University, New York, USA, the color of your plate can make a difference on how much you eat. "When participants ate off same colored plates as their food, they served themselves about 30% more food. However, when participants ate off different colored plates than their food, they served themselves less food. This difference in how much you eat off of plates could help or hinder weight-loss efforts," states the study.

Take A Picture of What You Eat

"Another way to track your food intake is to take a picture of it. A University of Wisconsin-Madison study suggests that taking pictures of food before you eat it can serve as an encouragement to change your diet. Taking a picture is immediate, whereas filling out a food diary is often done hours after eating. If you have to take a picture of everything you eat, it makes you stop before eating and think about your choices," states a report published in Popsugar Fitness. 

Sleep In a Pitch-Dark Room

Wondering what's that got to do with anything? Well, you'll be surprised that it works wonders.

According to a study conducted at Ohio University, USA, sleeping in the dark helps in controlling your hunger pangs. Which means, if you sleep with your lights turned on, it will more likely make you feel hungry the next day. Basically, the turned-on lights during your sleep lead to changes in your brain leading to mood swings and depression. This in turn, will make you want to binge on junk food--a quick way to gain weight.

Turn Your AC On

It's still sweltering hot outside and you most definitely can get away with switching your AC on. And why exactly do you need to do it? Well, according to a report published in Women's Health, "By acclimating your system to colder temperatures, you can train your body to burn more fat overall. Humans have several different types of fat, including--brown fat, which helps us to stay warm. Basically, when the brain senses cold, the muscles start contracting to generate heat. Both body-warming methods work just fine, but the brown fat way also leads to weight loss."

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