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Getting Rid of Fat Face

how to lose fat face
While you may have worked really hard to lose weight, it is still a challenge to look slim without knowing how to reduce fat from face. If your face is slim, you can work on just the dressing to appear slim, but however slim you may be, if your face is fat, it does give an impression of fatness. Here are some tried and tested diet suggestions and face workouts on how to lose face fat and make all that dieting count.

Diet tips: how to reduce Face Fat

double chin problem: how to lose face fat
While there are so many diet plans available, and looking at it logically, anything that helps loose fat from the body will help loose fat from the face too. However its not always in proportion. With some diet plans, the face starts to appear weak and dull, and the body does not seem to change, and with some others, you need to tell people that you have lost weight, while your face tells a different tale. Here are some diet tips that are sure to reduce facial fat.

1. Drinking a lot of water

drink water
This is probably the rule number one of every diet in the world. Water flushes away the toxins, which are little molecules surrounded and supported by fat. As water washes them out, the fat cells attached to them become free to be eliminated from the body. Maintaining a water intake of 10 glasses a day will keep those toxins away and thus the fat.

2. Reduced salt and sugar

salt and sugar
Both salt and sugar are destructive when it comes to face fat. While salt makes your muscles retain water, sugar stores fat. So whatever diet plan you follow, limit the intake of salt to only what is necessary for the electrolyte balance of the boy, and reduce the sugar as much as possible.

3. Include fruits and vegetables rich in fiber

fibre fruits & vegetables
Fruits and vegetables rich in fiber, promote faster metabolism, which in turn burns fat faster and helps chisel those chubby cheeks. Include mid meal snacks in the form of fruits and salads, to cut the face fat while adding glow to the skin.

4. Right Kind of Oils

oil: lose face fat
Including a spoonful pure coconut/sesame/olive cold pressed oil or desi ghee in your diet, has a fat burning effect on your body. It is so effective that even massaging the face with a few drops of these oils daily before bedtime helps to lose face fat.

5. Portion Control

portion control
Needless to mention for the dieters, you have to limit your calorie intake from 1000-1500 calories per day depending on your weight. Choose food that is low in calories and rich in nutrients that will help burn that stored fat below those cheeks and chin, and provide nourishment to skin and body.

Face Workout: How to lose face fat

Nothing can be toned without working out the muscles, especially the face. The face muscles loosen with age and leads to sagging skin. Loosing weight adds on to the sagging, and it is an irreversible change, unless you opt for surgery. Facial workouts are therefore very important as you start dieting. Here are some essential workouts that will tone your facial muscles and help reduce the fat from face.

1.Chin Raises

chin raise: face fat burn exercise
Tilt your head towards the ceiling, the maximum that you can and keep looking at it. Now make a pout as it trying to kiss, and feel the stretch in your neck and chin muscles. Hold this for 15 seconds and repeat 10 times every day. The biggest facial problem area in most men and women is the double chin, and this is sure to reduce it.

2. Cheek Twist

cheek twist: face fat remove exercise
Breathe in from your mouth and trap that air within your cheeks. Now try to push the air to one cheek and then another. Repeat this passing 20 times and then hold the air in each cheek for 15 seconds. Release and repeat 10 times. The best part of this workout is that it can be done while driving or watching television or working on your laptop. This helps chisel the cheek bones and reduce fat below them.

3. Fish Face

fish face exercise
It is another super exercise to reduce fat from face, especially below the cheek. Suck your cheeks in, and hold for 20 seconds. Resist the urge to give in to the resistance by your cheeks and repeat 10 times.

4. Pronouncing “A” “O”

pronounce A O: how to lose face fat
Pronounce a long “A” with the widest smile and then an elongated “O” while bringing the lips as forward as possible. Hold the position for 3 seconds each time and repeat 50 times.

5. Lower Jaw Movement

lower jaw movement
Close your mouth, while in a sitting position, and bring your lower jaw forward without opening the mouth. This will burn the fat from your jawline right off.
Apart from all this, you can get a lifting facial massage done by a trained therapist once a month, which will help to tone all the facial muscles and improve blood circulation in the face. You can use some contour and highlight makeup to make your face look slimmer till you actually achieve it with proper diet and exercise. Eat well, stay healthy and think thin!
how to lose fat face

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