Monday, August 12, 2013

7 Ways to Maintain Charm in Your Married Life

Boost intimacy
Intimacy, at both an emotional and physical level, is important to maintain charm in a relationship. The sense of belonging and closeness is the charm of any marriage. If you don’t share your bed and thoughts with your partner, it is like giving your marriage a death sentence.

Communicate more often
It is extremely important to talk to your partner. Spending your entire time in front of the TV or at work is not the right thing to do. It is good idea to share your feelings with your partner. Sending a “Thinking about you” message sometimes is also a good idea.

Don’t argue about every decision
It is important to respect the decisions made by your partner. Both partners should respect each other’s decisions and should give each other the freedom to make decisions. This does not mean not discussing anything at all.

7 Ways to Maintain Charm in Your Married Life

Never lie to your partner
If you are not comfortable sharing something with your partner, its better not to do that thing in the first place. No matter how small a thing is, it should be shared with your partner.

Maintain decent language
It is essential to respect your partner when you are talking to them. Do not use anything in your language that is not socially acceptable. Maintaining decent language is important because anything once said cannot be taken back.

Get rid of old fashioned dress
Married people should always try to dress in a way to ignite the fire. It is a good idea to surprise your partner with a sexy night dress or a more elegant dress when you are going to a party. The idea is to look attractive to your partner.

Eat together
A couple should eat together as much as possible. If you can not manage going out for a candle-lit dinner once a week then it is good idea to create that environment at your home. Eating together not only lets you share what’s happening in your life but also acts as a catalyst to your romantic equation.

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