Thursday, August 15, 2013

8 Ways to Naturally Grow Your Hair

 • Get more of the essential 7 vitamins
All 7 essential vitamins are vital to our hair. Vitamins- A,B,B3, B12,C, and E improve the blood circulation in our body which includes the scalp. It is also important to mix these vitamins with right quantities of iron and zinc to help hair grow faster.

Eat more protein
Protein provides the building blocks for new hair growth. Some proteins formulate Keratin which acts as a structure that hardens our hair. Lack of protein leads to reduced hair growth. Protein for hair growth can be obtained from fish, eggs, nuts, etc.

Scalp massage
A healthy scalp massage helps to open up blood vessels and increases blood circulation. This helps the blood in delivering oxygen and essential nutrients to hair follicles which enable healthy hair growth.

Try this recipe
Take one teaspoon of vodka, 5 drops of lavender oil, and 3 drops of rosemary oil. Mix them with one tablespoon distilled water. This mixture, when applied to hair and scalp, kills germs, eliminates dirt, and opens hair follicles that promote new hair growth.

Avoid too much styling
Too much styling weakens our hair and stops hair growth. Certain chemicals present in styling shampoos and cleansers may cause thinning, damage, and even hair loss.

8 Ways to Naturally Grow Your Hair

Use egg whites
Egg whites have long been known for their medical effects. They have the ability make hair soft and shiny. Break a few eggs, whisk the whites, and apply as a mask to your hair. This type of mask promotes hair growth.

Boiled onions
Onions are not just for cooking. Boil a few onions and wash your hair with the concoction. Do it regularly to accelerate hair growth.

Potato mask
Squeeze the juice from 3 potatoes and add a little bit of honey. Combine the mixture with one egg white and you will have a great hair mask. It will increase the hair growth naturally without use of any chemicals.


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