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Health Benefits Of Cool Lassi: Summer Drink

Lassi is one of the most commonly available summer drinks in India. It is filling, tasty and very healthy as well. Lassi has lot of health benefits. The drink is prepared using yogurt or curd. Yogurt is sour fermented form of milk. It has healthy bacteria which helps in preventing or treating urinary infections. One of the main health benefits of yogurt is that it is very good for the stomach. 

Yogurt cools the stomach and helps disperse body heat. So, having lassi rich in yogurt brings it share of health benefits. Another important benefit of yogurt in lassi is that it helps in preventing sun stroke.

There are many ways to prepare the healthy and soothing Indian summer drink, lassi. Ideally, it is mixed with sugar and rosewater. However, you can also use seasonal fruits like mangoes and litchi to enjoy flavoured lassi. 

From preventing constipation to soothing body heat, lassi is one of the healthiest and best summer drinks you must have regularly. Here are some of the health benefits of having lassi. 

Health Benefits Of Having Lassi: 

Prevents Dehydration During summer, water is released from the body in the form of sweat. Having lassi benefits the health as it hydrates the body and balances water levels. 

Beats Body Heat It is one of the best summer Indian drinks as yogurt in lassi provides a cooling effect to the body. This also helps prevent sun stroke. 

Treats Urinary Infections Yogurt has healthy bacteria which treats as well as prevents urinary infections. 

Nutrition Yogurt is rich in potassium, calcium, protein and Vitamins B which like B-12. Thus, it is a nutritious summer drink which keeps you healthy. Regular 

Bowel Movements Yogurt had healthy probiotics which aids digestion and also fights constipation. This helps in having regular bowel movements. 

Aids Digestion Lactose in milk is converted by the healthy bacteria into lactic acid which digest lactose or dairy products. Having lassi every day improves digestion. 

Weight Gain Lassi is often rich in cream and ghee. Having traditional lassi is good for weight gain as it has healthy fats and calories. 

Provides Calcium As lassi is prepared with a dairy product, yogurt, it is rich in calcium. Having lassi ensures calcium absorption by the bones. 

Strengthens Immune System According to many studies, lassi strengthens the immune system. So, have a glass of chilled lassi to beat summer heat and boost the immune system. 

Controls Appetite If you are on a weight loss diet, you must have lassi 30 minutes before a meal. Lassi makes you feel fuller which in turn controls appetite and prevent weight gain.


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